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          Precision mold making
          Precision fixture
          Precision parts machining
          PRESS parts production
          Automation Equipment
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          Wuxi Chengteng Precision Machinery Co., Ltd., located in Wuxi New District Industrial Zone, Jiangsu Province, Plum Village, plant area of 1,800 square meters.Founded in November 2007, is a private enterprise with a registered capital of 1 million yuan, a total investment of 10 million yuan.

          Wuxi Chengteng Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. to design, manufacture precision stamping dies, precision plastic mold, automation equipment, fixture-based professional mold company.Strong technical force, has a large number of precision molds and parts for processing a first-class professional and technical personnel as well as precision machining equipment. The company has established a comprehensive internal quality management system, and passed the IS09001 quality system certification.

          Companies in the quality first principle, from raw materials to finished strive to do each step. With the fastest speed, high efficiency to provide first-class quality products to our customers, and through continuous improvement, innovation, customer satisfaction.


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          Tel:0510-88552263 Fax:0510-88551511
          Add:Wuxi Xinwu District Meicun Kim Dong Road 508 Web:www.jfjczx.com E-mail:sales@ctjmjx.com

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